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Cesar Chavez Park

Cesar Chavez Park is local to Sacramento and a park where many of the areas unsheltered gather daily. When chatting with the folks in the park we often here that many are from other cities throughout California and even more form other states. Often times we are told they migrated here because of the warm weather. LHOHH has teamed up with Ahouse Residential, more specifically, Kristina the Chef to bring a monthly feast to all at Cesar Chavez Park. We prefer to provide a hot meal such as chili and corn bread, street tacos, and more along with a wide array of snacks, hard boiled eggs, drinks, and a brown bag lunch. Our meals are provided in to-go containers! Along with food we bring shoes, coats, resource information, as well as hope and love...

Shoot us an email if you are local to our area and want to join us to volunteer or share a meal. We would love to have your help and company!

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